Why hello there!
I'm Joanna May, age 15-19 (take a wild guess ;) ) I'm Irish-Filipino and i love having these cultures in my life. (y)
I love quotes, music, Disney and anything that brings a smile to my face.
Sadly, my blog consists of guilty pleasures (KPOP and a bit of Yaoi :P) so please excuse the shite that might end up on your wall.
Ask questions or talk if you want (not that I'm anything special :) ) but heck! Drop down for a cup of tea when you need to ;)
Please keep smiling and enjoy your day.
"Put out the light, and then, put out the light," Othello, Shakespeare.




Spiders eat their parents all the time and no one cares when they do it so what the fuck

did you eat your parents

How about you mind your own business


There’s probably a space where taemin’s penis should be that’s a gateway to hell




So I needed a way to alert the class that I was going to be showing graphic pictures of genitals on my presentation so I decided that putting this on the slide before would work


I want this on a shirt.

Please, I want this on underwear